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Xrange is the latest in DSP development from Harrison. The Xrange is a future-proof, robust, and powerful, new generation of digital processing/routing for all Harrison consoles.  Xrange is also available in a variety of "stand-alone" configurations as well. Xrange uses MADI, Linux, 64 bit native processing, and 64bit Audio-over-Ethernet technology to redefine the way large format DSP systems work.

Download our white paper describing the benefits of 64-bit native processing, or click on 'Read More...' for more information.

IKIS - Harrison's High Speed Software Control Network Print
IKIS is the console "operating system" which controls all facets of a Harrison digital console including save/recall, automation, network control, and IKIS Direct DAW control.
TFT Meter Bridge with ESP Waveforms Print

The console TFT meter bridge in the MPC4-D, Trion, and Air24/7 consoles provide a full view of every channels level, EQ, aux sends, panning, bus assignments, compressor, gate, and automation states - simultaneously. Each channel is provided with an ESP waveform which works just like a workstation waveform view, but is available above every channel strip.  These waveform views can be driven by any input source.  Click "Read more.." to learn more about this exclusive feature.

Xtools - Digital Audio Plugins Print

The Harrison Xtools package is a collection of audio tools and processing plugins which expand the DSP functions of the console, just like plugins in a modern workstation.  Xtool plugins may be inserted into the signal path just like a piece of external gear, but Xtools are automated, recalled, and directly interconnected with the console.

Download a brochure for Film / Post / Music

Download an Xtools brochure for Broadcast  

IKIS Direct (DAW Control Software) Print
IKIS Direct is feature of all Harrison consoles allowing them to act as a controller for a DAW (digital audio workstation)
Future Proofing Print

"Future Proofing" is a feature that comes with every Harrison console.  Future Proofing is our commitment to provide lifelong hardware support, lifelong software support, and a cost-effective upgrade path for every Harrison console.

Here are some examples of our "Future Proofing" policy:

  • Any analog NuBus MPC or Series12 may be upgraded to digital with a refurbished digital.engine
  • Any digital NuBus MPC or Series12 may be upgraded to IKIS automation
  • Any IKIS-based console can be retrofitted with a TFT meter bridge and waveforms displays
  • Any IKIS-based console can be upgraded from a digital.engine to the Xrange engine
  • Any Xrange engine can be updated to use increased native processing power as it becomes available

 This means that a 15-year-old analog MPC can be upgraded up to fully state-of-the-art system including IKIS automation, a TFT meter bridge, and Xrange processing.  This upgrade could happen all at once, or be applied over several incremental upgrades.

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