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dolby atmos object panning mc2
Dolby Atmos:  Panning parameters can be controlled directly from each console channel, and allocated dynamically to the available Dolby RMU paths. Object++ Panning:  Manage 3D audio objects on-screen.  Only active sources are shown!  Works with any DAW input and panning system. MC2 : Monitor speaker layouts up to 64 channels.  Meter, trim, mute, solo & EQ your speakers from IKIS.

Dolby Atmos panning is a technically-advanced delivery system that allows panning to be stored as separate streams of audio and panning "meta-data".  During playback, the metadata allows the pan moves to be re-rendered to match the playback room's speaker layout.  This pragmatic approach was immediately recognized for its benefits and has been adopted for many current and upcoming projects.  Harrison consoles with their motorized, touch-sensitive joysticks are very well suited to this new panning paradigm!

Harrison is launching amazing new panning and monitoring features for the MPC5... many of which may be retrofit to the MPC4 and Trion.  Look for a full description of our new features, including a complete implementation of Dolby Atmos, on the site soon!
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