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Xrange is the latest in DSP development from Harrison. The Xrange is a future-proof, robust, and powerful, new generation of digital processing/routing for all Harrison consoles.  Xrange is also available in a variety of "stand-alone" configurations as well. Xrange uses MADI, Linux, 64 bit native processing, and 64bit Audio-over-Ethernet technology to redefine the way large format DSP systems work.

Download our white paper describing the benefits of 64-bit native processing, or click on 'Read More...' for more information.

The Xrange products by Harrison are the culmination of a 3-year R&D effort to design the most cost effective and flexible console mixing system on the market.  The Xrange products are identified by 3 important concepts:  The use of "native" DSP processing, the use of Linux for flexible networking and control protocols, and the use of 64-bit floating-point Audio-over-Ethernet interconnections to maintain the absolute highest possible audio quality.  Using off-the-shelf processing horsepower is a future-proofing move that guarantees you get the most cutting-edge console possible when you install. Harrison's use of off-the-shelf native processing also guarantees that you will have a constant and endless upgrade path, unlike proprietary designs which must be occasionally discarded in favor of a new architecture. 


 In short, the Xrange system is a network of PCs (Xengines) hooked to our proprietary router (the Xrouter). The Xrouter provides the glue that allows the system to work as a whole unit. This system works. It's fast and powerful. Multiple systems are now being used on the air and to mix major films all around the world.  The Xrange system's capacity is ever-increasing, driven by the worldwide need for faster computer infrastructure. Currently we can produce systems with 1588 full-featured DSP channels (including fader, 8-band EQ, Gate, Compressor, 2 patch points, and 96 busses)  utilizing approximately 120 AMD Opteron cores.  Our "future proofing" policy guarantees that as more computer horsepower becomes available, our customers will be able to take advantage of it without having to buy a complete new console.

Because the Xrange is largely software-based, it is possible to build highly configurable systems for many different applications.  A small music console can be configured with a full compliment of channels, monitoring, Xtools, and application-specific meters all running within a single Xengine.  Similarly, a very large system with multiple processing engines and redundant backups can be running to provide a "render farm" of DSP processing. 

The Xrange components are built with rugged frames and brushed-aluminum face plates, like boutique audio gear.  It's no longer required to hide your processing rack in a nondescript control room!  The Xrange components are no-compromise in every way.

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