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Universal Studios expands Hitchcock MPC4-D to Massive Proportions Print

Universal Studios recently expanded its MPC4-D in the Hitchcock Theater to 416 full DSP channels, making it one of the most powerful mixing engines in the world.  208 additional fader-controlled inputs are included, for a total of 624 signals available at mixdown.  Over 250 high-end Sharc processors are utilized in the system.  The DSP system maintains a minimum bit depth of 40 bits throughout (no MADI interconnects are used inside the DSP processing).  The console has a mix of AES digital and +24dBU analog I/O, totaling 892 inputs and 224 outputs.

Each of the 416 channels has 2 inputs with delay, 8 bands of EQ, compressor, expander/gate, 2 patch points, 16 auxes, and 64 main buses.  Channels may be panned in any format up to 16-wide.  The system also includes 2 sets of DTC film-specific plugins, and 64 transparent lookahead bus limiters for the stem recorders.

The Hitchcock's MPC4-D was recently updated to use Harrison’s industry-first Linux automation system.  The ability to update a console with the latest technology is part of Harrison's commitment to Future-Proof our products.


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