Mixbus – Bringing real console mixing to the DAW

Welcome to Mixbus! Mixbus is an “analog-style console” that has been incorporated into a Digital Audio Workstation. The Mixbus engine was developed at Harrison Consoles, where we have been designing high-end digital and analog consoles for over 40 years.

Many great-sounding, influential, and legendary works were recorded and/or mixed on Harrison consoles, including:

  • Michael Jackson “Bad” and “Thriller” (the best-selling album of all time).
  • AC/DC “Back in Black”
  • Janet Jackson “Rhythm Nation”
  • Queen “The Game”
  • Sade “Sweetest Taboo”
  • Paul Simon “Graceland”
  • Supertramp “Breakfast in America”
  • much more by artists such as Led Zeppelin, ABBA, U2, Madonna, Mike Oldfield, and Frank Zappa.

Harrison continues to be a major force in the ultra-high-end professional audio community. World-class facilities like Sony Pictures use Harrison consoles to mix top-tier films.

Harrison MPC4-D Console at
Sony Pictures
Sound Stage 6
Culver City, CA

For more information about Harrison, visit our website at http://www.harrisonconsoles.com.

Mixbus is not a tool for beginners. Although we strive to make Mixbus easy-to-use, digital audio editing and mixing is a very complex topic. This document assumes that you are already comfortable with typical Digital Audio Workstation (DAW) conventions. Additional online resources are available from the Mixbus “Help” menu and at:



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Michael Evans wrote: Dec 23, 2019

Game changer! "Annex Audio Studios Toronto" 5 stars *****

Cornes Jackson wrote: Aug 19, 2019

Please note that I've work with all DAW on the market, thus having only stumble across MB. Which in my opinion is the best, also please be advised that Ive found numerous ways too reach my targets goals mixing inside of MB!

From time to time I'll have concerns and reach out too MB Support Team!!!!!

***Just to be a little clearer to what Im dealing with! Sort of too hear it from the horses mouth.