What is a track? How do I create one?

A track is the fundamental building-block of a Mixbus session. You can create new tracks by creating empty tracks ( using the New Track/Bus dialog ) or by Importing existing audio files as new tracks. Mixbus supports audio tracks and MIDI tracks. The track type (audio or MIDI) defines what kind of data you will see in the editor.

What is an Audio Track?

An audio track is a series of audio regions, sequenced in a Playlist, that receive the same channel processing (the eq, compressor, plugins, panning, bussing, etc )

Each audio region (sometimes called “clip”) is representative of an audio file on disk. The region might represent only a small part of the audio file, because you can edit the region non-destructively: this means that whatever you do to the audio region in Mixbus, it doesn’t actually change the audio in the file.

You can record new audio into an audio track at any time. Because Mixbus is non-destructive, the previous audio on the track will be preserved, so you can always revert to the previous recording if you want to.

How do I edit an audio track?

The track’s Playlist defines the order of audio regions (files), as well as properties such as their mute state, volume levels, fade in/out, etc. So when you are editing a track with the editing tools, you are actually editing a Playlist. The various editing tools and features are described in the Editing chapters:


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