Bring all media into session folder:

This function will locate all audio and MIDI data that may be scattered across multiple folders, or even multiple hard drives, and copies or moves all audio and/or MIDI associated with that session into the session folder. Once this is done the user can be assured that the session folder will contain all the necessary audio/MIDI in one convenient location.

A real world example:

While working with a session you may pull new material from many different locations on your hard drive, CD drive, or network. After saving the session, Mixbus will know where to find all of these bits of audio the next time the session is opened on that particular computer. But if your session file is on a portable hard drive and most (but not all) of your audio files are also on that portable hard drive and you take that hard drive to a different computer, or studio, expecting to open the session, you may be confronted with a dialogue box indicating the session was unable to located certain audio files. Running the “Bring all media into session folder” alleviates this problem.

The same is true for archiving of a session. If the user does not invoke the “Bring all media into session folder” function before archiving then the archive may be incomplete.

Clean-up unused sources:

Clean-up will move all unused files to a folder labeled “dead” within the session folder. Clean-up is a destructive operation and all undo/redo history will be lost.

Flush Waste Basket:

Deletes audio files located in the “dead” folder.

A note about Session Cleanup.

There are a few reasons why cleanup might not save much space:

  1. Because all of the session snapshots are inside the session folder, Mixbus knows when a region is used by a different snapshot. So it may not “clean up” as much as you expect.
  2. If you recorded a very long file, but only use a very small snippet, this reference to the file will keep the file from being cleaned up. If you “bounce” the regions (making a new, short file of exactly the length of the region) then you might see a bigger space savings. But note that this means you can no longer extend the fade handles for that region; there’s no longer any information left outside the region.


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