Mixer Features:

  • Mixbus uses precision DSP algorithms developed by Harrison for our world-renowned large format digital mixing consoles. Mixbus also incorporates elements from the rich history of Harrison analog designs. Mixbus has been optimized to provide a classic Harrison sound.
  • Straightforward “what you see is what you get” mixer layout based on Harrison’s renowned 32-series and MR series music consoles.
  • Unlimited stereo or mono input channels (based on available CPU power) featuring EQ, filter, compression, mix bus sends, and mappable plug-in controls on every channel.
  • Like a hardware mixer, the DSP horsepower for EQs and compressors is pre­allocated. Enabling a compressor or EQ will not increase the CPU usage of the computer.
  • Dedicated stereo mix buses (can be used for groups or aux buses) featuring tone control, compression, and tape saturation.
  • Stereo Master that features tone control, compression, tape saturation, and final limiting.
  • K-meter on master output helps you make dynamic, polished-sounding mixes.
  • Stereo phase correlation meter indicates mono-compatibility of your mix.
  • Plug-in delay compensation to support effects such as parallel compression.
  • Plug-ins may be pre­ or post ­fader in the channel strip signal flow.
  • VCA faders allow arbitrary grouping of fader and mute/solo between channels. Multiple VCAs may be attached to any channel.
  • Spill buttons are provided on each mixbus and VCA to show only the tracks that feed it.
  • Monitor Section provides dedicated plugins, solo options and speaker-management features.
  • Foldback section provides an unlimited number of cue feeds for your artist headphone mixes.
  • Comprehensive metering with peak, peak hold, and compressor gain reduction visible on every track and bus.
  • The engine is internally dithered, ramped, and gain ­staged so that sound quality is preserved as close to analog as possible.

Editor/DAW Features:

  • Unlimited audio, MIDI, and virtual instrument tracks.
  • Every track/bus has unlimited pre- and post-fader inserts, sends, and plug-ins.
  • MIDI tracks with MIDI output to external devices OR virtual instruments.
  • Non-destructive, non-linear editing with persistent undo.
  • Comprehensive project management with Snapshots, Playlists, Templates, Mixer store/recall, and more.
  • Fast and intuitive audio editing with “smart” mouse editing modes.
  • Dynamic automation of fader, pan, and plug-in parameters.
  • Pitch/time stretching, transient detection, and varispeed playback.
  • Object-oriented, per-region volume, dynamic volume, crossfade in/out, and mute functions.
  • Standard file formats (BWF, WAV, WAV64, AIFF, CAF, MP3 & more…).
  • Supports industry standard plug-in formats and I/O devices on each supported platform.
  • Transport control via Level 2 MMC or MTC (master or slave).
  • LTC (SMPTE) and MTC chase and generation.
  • Assign MIDI CC knobs to mixer controls with just 1 click.


  • Refined workflow and graphics, including scaling and support for HiDPI (Retina) displays
  • Multi­core DSP processing allows more simultaneous tracks and plug-ins
  • 64­ bit builds provide extended memory for virtual-instrument sample libraries
  • 32 bit and 64 bit version available for all three platforms (OS-X, Windows, Linux)
  • Synced video-playback window, with import and export
  • Lua scripting engine allows automated workflows

System Requirements:

  • Mac: 10.6.8 or newer, 32bit or 64bit (PowerPC is no longer supported) with any CoreAudio device.
  • Windows: XP Pro or newer, 32 bit or 64 bit with MME or ASIO device
  • Linux system (x86 or x86-64) with ALSA
  • Two or more processors/cores

*See our website for the latest details on OS compatibility, plug-in compatibility, and system requirements:



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