First Time Configuration Dialog boxes:

The first time you launch Mixbus on your machine, Mixbus will prompt you for a few basic setup options. You can change these preferences later.

A welcome message will appear. Click the“Forward” button to continue

An option to change the default session folder is given. If you have a preferred hard drive you would like to use, the dropdown box will allow you to browse to it. Choosing a drive other than the one that your OS or the Mixbus application resides on may increase performance (this is dependent on your computer configuration).

Some soundcards provide a low-latency mixer interface which can be used to monitor yourself while you are recording. If you want to use your interface to monitor yourself, choose “Use an external mixer or the hardware mixer of your audio interface”. Otherwise choose “Ask Mixbus to play back material as it is being recorded”. You can find more information about monitoring, click here

The monitoring section provides an additional volume control between your master mix, and your soundcard. You will want to enable this option if your interface doesn’t provide a monitor level knob. It also provides some additional solo-ing features. For more on the monitoring section click here


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