Any “action” found in the Mixbus main menu can be initiated from a keyboard “shortcut”.

By default, Mixbus provides a selection of keyboard shortcuts that provides a good balance between easy-to-remember mnemonic actions (such as “L” for looping) and ergonomic actions for power users ( such as J and K for trimming a region’s start/end ).

You can change the key shortcuts via Window->Keyboard Shortcuts in the main menu. If you change your keyboard shortcuts, your shortcuts will be stored in the user preferences folder.

Mixbus provides a set of “Global” shortcuts that work from any window. These global shortcuts generally control the Transport (which you’ll want from any window) and the window-switching functions. The Global shortcuts take precedence over the window shortcuts.

  • Tabs : This selects between the “Global” shortcuts, and the window-specific ( Editor, Mixer, etc ) shortcuts
  • Shortcut browser : Use this area to find shortcuts ( categorized by their normal menu location )
    • To assign a shortcut: select an action with your mouse, and then press the keyboard shortcut (with modifier) that you’d like to assign to that action
    • If you try to assign a keyboard shortcut that is already in use, Mixbus will tell you which action is already assigned, and prevent you from “stealing” it.
  • Search bar: use this field to display only the shortcuts that match the search term. For example “play” will hide any actions that don’t have the word “play” in their name.
  • Remove Shortcut : click this to clear the currently-selected shortcut.
  • Reset Bindings : click this button to reset ALL of your shortcuts to the factory defaults for your platform ( Mac, Win or Linux )
  • Print Bindings: click this to “print” a complete list of your shortcuts to a web page. ( you can then make a hardcopy print of this page from your browser, if you like )

Viewing your keyboard shortcuts

Because keybindings change slightly between Mac and Windows, and because we are regularly adding new features that might require keybindings, we no longer provide the keybindings in this manual. You can see the current keybindings for any action beside the corresponding item in the main menu.

The “number pad”, which appears on some full-size keyboards, has some special behavior. You can read more about it here: Using a Number Pad


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