The Tascam US-2400 was produced from roughly 2007 – 2010. It provides 24 channels, each with a fader, mute+solo+select switches, and a knob with led indications. It also has a master section with a master fader, transport controls, and function keys.

Connecting the US-2400:

The US-2400 provides 6 separate MIDI input and output ports. Select the 4 input and 4 output ports as described in the control panel.

The fifth pair of ports may be used as a “Generic MIDI controller” or for some other task.

The sixth pair of ports is unused. We believe this is likely used to light the “bank indicator LEDs” on the unit, but no documentation has been found for this feature.

Operating the US-2400:

Each channelstrip provides a touch-sensitive fader, Mute, Solo, and Select switch. By default, the channelstrip knob provides left/right pan control of the channels. When the Select switch is lit for a channel, the channel’s parameters are mapped to the knobs.

The Master fader has 3 special-function switches:
1) Select: this selects the Master bus and assigns its controls to the knobs, like any other channel.
2) Clr Solo: this clears any soloe’d channels and buses
3) Flip: This switches the first 8 faders (or 12 for 32C) to operate as the mixbuses instead of input channels.

Global section:

Click the “Pan” button to return to default operation, showing input channels and their associated pan knobs.

The “Meter” button switches the channelstrip knobs to show the meter level of the associated channel.

The “Chan” button switches the knobs above the faders to operate as 24 generic MIDI knobs which can send MIDI CC values.

The “Send” buttons have no operation by default. Hold “F” and press one of the 6 Send keys to activate a Function-key action. F-key actions are configured in the control panel.

Transport controls provide rewind, play, stop and master-record enable.

Bank +/- buttons are provided to increment the faders in banks of 24.

In & Out buttons are provided to trigger “Range select start” and “Range select End” function.


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