32C Analog Console Emulation

The Mixbus 32C channel is an emulation of the analog channel strip in our classic 32C analog console. In developing 32C we went into our archives of console schematics and meticulously analyzed the operation of the 32C channel strip in order to provide as accurate an emulation as possible. The result comes from an analysis and modeling of the actual circuits and the components therein, not of the circuit’s theoretical function. There is a difference between the two and this makes the Mixbus 32C channel special.

Four Band 32C EQ and Filters

Replacing the 3-band EQ of standard Mixbus is an emulation of the 32C console 4 band EQ and filters. This EQ features 2 midrange bands featuring the original’s proportional-Q design, and HI/LO bands which operate in shelving mode. Optionally the HI and LO bands can be individually selected to operate in bell mode, with the same proportional-Q operation as the midrange bands.
Also included are the 32C highpass and lowpass filters. These are 12dB/octave filters with adjustable corner frequencies, and the extremely wide sweep ranges of the original. A button is provided which inserts or removes both filters in the signal path. As on the original the filters are situated ahead of the EQ in the signal path.

Twelve Mixing Buses

Additional mixing flexibility is provided with 4 additional stereo mix buses, for a total of 12. As with the first 8 mix buses, channels may be routed directly to mixing buses 9-12 with individual send level controls. Additionally, a stereo matrix capability is provided by permitting mix buses 1-8 to be routed to mixing buses 9-12 with individual send level controls. These are routed post bus fader. As on buses 1-8, the additional buses feature a 3 band EQ and adjustable tape saturation modeling.


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