XT-DM Dyno-Mite follows the dynamics of your track. It detects when the sound is “decaying” (gradually diminishing after a louder transient). Dyno-Mite affects the decay rate, either lengthening or truncating the sustain.

Best when used on: *Drum loops; MIDI drums; Drum overheads; Individual drum sounds.


Threshold: The leftmost bar shows in the input signal level, and a slider to adjust the processor threshold. The threshold should be set below the signal peaks shown on the meter. The lower the threshold is set, the more pronounced the effect will be.

Sustain: the central knob controls the Sustain.

If you turn the knob to the right, this will increasingly add gain while the signal decays, resulting in a longer sustaining sound. This is sometimes called “upward compression”. Room ambience will be increased along with the decay of the signal.

If you turn the Sustain knob to the left, Dyno-Mite will accentuate the decay by reducing the level faster than the unaffected signal. This results in a gated or “expanded” sound, with sharper transients and less room ambience.

The meter displays the amount of gain increase (in green) or decrease (in red). When the Sustain knob is set very low, an automatic makeup gain is applied. You will see this gain appear on the display.

Out Trim: the rightmost bar provides a trim control. You can use this control to adjust the final output level after the effect is applied.

Momentary Bypass: the top-right corner is a momentary-bypass button. Press this button to temporarily bypass the effect. Releasing the button will re-apply the effect.


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