XT-GV Gverb+ is a creative reverb effect. Utilizing an algorithm that produces natural room sounds and lush reverb effects alike.

Best when used on: Vocals, Guitars, Drums and Keyboards.


Input High Pass Filter: Moving this slider will decrease the amount of low frequencies that are fed to the reverb effect.

Input Low Pass Filter Moving this slider will decrease the amount of high frequencies that are fed to the reverb effect.

Early Mix Every reverb has two distinct characteristics: Early reflections, and the reverb’s “tail”. Early reflections define the shape characteristic of the room, and typically make it sound more natural as that is how our ears typically hear a reverberation in the real world. The tail is a lush wash of reverberations that tend to make reverb sound unrealistic. This slider controls the balance of the two.

Size The size slider controls the overall feeling of the ‘size’ of the room. Turning this down can cause the reverb characteristic to become more personal or up-close. While turning it up can cause the characteristic to feel as if you are in the back of a cathedral.

Decay The decay slider determines how long a reverb’s tail takes to “dissipate” or “fall off”.

Pre-Delay The Pre Delay controls the amount of time between the dry sound, and the early reflections and reverb tail. Careful adjustment of this knob, or using multiple buses with different pre-delay values, can help bring out elements in a mix. Typically this works great on a vocal that you want to stand out.

Damping The damping control controls the amount of amount of high frequency content in the reverb. Dampening high frequency content helps promote a warmer reverb characteristic and sound.

Wet/Dry knob: Turning this knob to the left will result in a 100% Dry sound (no effect is heard). Turning the knob to the right will result in 100% Wet sound (no dry signal is heard). A momentary button for ‘Dry’ and ‘Wet’ allows you to audition the effect without permanently changing the knob setting.

Wet Level Trim: This slider adjusts the level of the “wet” signal. You can trim the effect up to +/-24dB with this slider.


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