I purchased Mixbus, but it says it is “UNLICENSED” and I occasionally hear a burst of noise.

  • Please check the Mixbus download email that arrived shortly after your purchase. The email should include a link to your Mixbus license file, and instructions for installing it.
  • For security reasons, the license links will become inactive after 7 days. To reset the license links, please email Harrison support at: mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com Once you’ve downloaded the license file from the link, you may store it on a backup drive or USB key for later use. Your name is encrypted in the license file, so you should not share it with others.
  • If you still have problems, please email Harrison support at: mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com

When I try to open the GVerb+ or 3D Delay, it says that the plugin is unlicensed. How do I get a license?

  • If you’ve already purchased these plugins, please check the installation email that arrived shortly after your purchase. The email should include a link to your license file, and instructions for installing it.
  • These plugins are part of the Plugin Essentials Pack which is available on our web store. The plugins are included in the Mixbus installation, but to utilize the on-screen controls you must purchase a separate license. The Essentials are available to all Mixbus users on all platforms ( Windows, OS X, and Linux ) and are automatically installed as part of Mixbus. This allows you to share Mixbus sessions with your friends and know that they will have the sound of the plugins available, even if they haven’t purchased them! Neat, huh?

How do I show Mixbus where to find my VST plugins? ( Windows )

  • In the main menu, click Window->Preferences->Plugins. Add the folder paths that point to your plugins and click “Scan”. More Here

How do I report a crash in Mixbus? ( OS X )

  • If you are using OS X and are still crashing at startup, the most likely cause is a plugin that Mixbus is not able to scan at startup. When Mixbus reports “Mixbus has closed unexpectedly”, please click “Generate Report”. This will open a window with the technical details of the crash report. Please copy/paste this information into an email to mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com for support.

How do I launch Mixbus from a command-line prompt? ( for techies only )

  • Windows: cd C:\Program Files\Mixbus4\bin Mixbus4.exe
  • OS X: ARDOUR_BUNDLED=1 /Applications/Mixbus4.app/Contents/MacOS/Mixbus4
  • Linux: cd /opt/Mixbus4/bin ./mixbus

Where does Mixbus store its preferences?

Mixbus creates a folder with several files

  • On Windows, the folder path is something like ~\AppData\Local\Mixbus4\ ( this varies with different versions of Windows ).
  • On Mac, the folder path is ~/Library/Preferences/Mixbus4
  • On Linux, the folder path is ~/.ardour5

The Preferences folder contains these files, among others:
“config” stores the user’s preferences such as auto-backup and other items in the Options menu
“mixbus.bindings” stores the user’s selected keybindings (keyboard shortcuts) for menu actions
“ui.conf” stores your color, font, and other theme preferences
“announcements” stores the latest announcements from Harrison (usually this is empty unless a new version is available)
“instant.xml” stores the user’s last-used preferences such as snap mode, mouse mode, zoom mode, etc.
“recent” lists the sessions that appear in the recently-used dialog
“sfdb” stores the metadata database which the Import dialog stores metadata about files that you’ve “tagged” for later use.

If you delete the preference folder or any file inside it, Mixbus will create a replacement with default values when it is next launched. Sometimes this will cause a delay at startup; for example on OS X, Mixbus will have to re-scan the plugins when it is next launched.

Can I import Key bindings to another computer?

Yes, you have to manually copy the keybindings file from one computer to the other.

The file is found in your “preferences” folder:
~/Library/Preferences/Mixbus4 on Mac
~/AppData/Local/Mixbus4 on Windows

If your question is not answered here, feel free to email us at mixbus@harrisonconsoles.com for support.


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