SetBfree is a faithful recreation of the tonewheel organs popularized by the Hammond organ company.

Many instruments can be convincingly recreated by sampling each note; but the complex character and many controls of a tonewheel organ require a more complex emulation. SetBfree is a faithful emulation of every stage inside these iconic instruments.


SetBfree responds to 3 different MIDI channels (1,2, and 3) for each of the 3 timbres (). This allows playing the instrument from 3 simultaneous inputs (2 manual keyboards plus foot pedals). The various switches and manuals may be controlled by your MIDI device controllers. (there are default config files for common keyboards such as the Kurzweil 2500 or Oxygen61 included)

When opened, the plugin’s UI shows the most frequently accessed controls:

Users of a tonewheel organ will recognize the stops (sliders) and switches of the real thing.

  • Stop sliders: (2 for the bass pedals, and 9 for each of the 2 manuals): adjust the overtones of the timbre.
  • Overdrive/Gain: (not present on the real device): this adjusts the amount of tube distortion in the signal.
  • Vibrato: these switches engage the vibrato for the 2 manual keyboards.
  • V1/C1, etc … these switch positions select between various vibrato and chorus effects
  • Tremolo (Drum and Horn) … these switches effect the speed of vibrato sent to the low (drum) and high (high) speakers (for a full implementation of an accompanying rotating speaker, see whirl )
  • Percussion: enabling these options provides a “click” (either soft or pronounced) when a manual key is pressed.
  • Reverb: a built-in reverb effect recreates the sound of the instrument in a room, as it was likely to be heard.
  • Volume: master output level.

Detailed Operation:

Click the question-mark near the top-right corner to expose some additional functions that might be useful when performing with the instrument:

In addition to the sound modeling, the organ is displayed as a 3-dimensional model. This allows the organ to be manipulated in various ways, including playing the various manuals and changing the internal components (and their effect on the sound):

More details about this plugin can found at the developer’s site: setBfree
Full source-code for the organ is provided at his site.


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