What is TouchOSC?

TouchOSC is a remote-control application that runs on iOS and Android phones and tablets.

TouchOSC sends “Open Sound Control” messages to any receiving app. Mixbus has a rich OSC-compatible remote control API.

TouchOSC is not developed by Harrison; it is developed by Hexler, and it has its own community forums and website. In keeping with Mixbus’s open-ended development model, users may view, modify, and edit the TouchOSC layout that we’ve provided for Mixbus.

If you add a great new feature to the TTC-1 layout, be sure to share it with us, and we will incorporate your changes so other users will get the benefit as well.

What is the TTC-1 layout?

TouchOSC can load different “layouts” which define the location of the buttons and widgets, and what messages will be sent to Mixbus over the OSC protocol. We’ve developed a layout file that allows you to remotely control Mixbus’s transport features. Because it needs a name, we called it TTC-1, or “TouchOSC Transport Controller #1”

Installing and launching the TTC-1 controller layout for Mixbus:

  1. Purchase the TouchOSC application from your phone/tablet App Store. ( Android and iOS are both supported,)
  2. Also download the TouchOSC editor to your Desktop computer, from the TouchOSC web site
  3. Download Harrison’s TTC-1 tablet layout here: ttc-1 download
  4. On your desktop computer, launch the TouchOSC editor, and “Open” the layout file.
  5. In the editor, click “Sync”.
  6. In the TouchOSC application (on your phone/tablet), click “Layout -> Add From Editor”.
  7. You should see you computer name appear in the “Found Hosts” list.
  8. Select the new layout for the TouchOSC app, and you should see the TTC-1 control panel appear.
  9. Determine your computer’s IP address on the wireless network that is shared with your phone/tablet.
  10. Enter the computer’s IP address in the TouchOSC application.
  11. In Mixbus, enable the OSC protocol in Preferences->Control Surfaces.

Using the TouchOSC TTC-1 Controller:

These 2 videos demonstrate the TTC-1 transport controller:


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Irwin Shelton wrote: Jul 29, 2020

I cannot find the TTC-1 Layout file. The download link goes nowhere