A track header must first be selected to access many of the items in this menu.

Most of these items can also be found in the track header context menu, which is accessed by right-clicking on a track header. Generally speaking, right-clicking on a track will only affect the single track, while the Track menu will affect all selected tracks.

  • Add Track, Bus, or VCA : Adds additional channels to the editor and mixer. Learn more here.
  • Mix Tools : Initiates a scripted action which an affect multiple tracks. Learn more here.
  • Import : Learn more in the Import section.
  • Duplicate Tracks/Busses : creates a “duplicate” of selected Track(s), including EQ, bussing, plugins. A dialog prompts whether to include the regions (playlist) in the duplicate tracks.
  • Toggle Record Enable : toggles record enable for the selected track(s).
  • Toggle Solo
  • Toggle Mute
  • Insert Time : Inserts blank time at the selected time, and optionally move all markers to the right.
  • Remove Time: Deletes selected range and markers (from ALL tracks). Everything to the right moves left to close the gap.
  • Move Selected Tracks Up
  • Move Selected Tracks Down
  • Height >
    • Fit Selection (Vertical)
    • Largest
    • Larger
    • Large
    • Normal
    • Small
  • Toggle Active : Toggles the state of all selected tracks; inactive tracks will become active, and vice-versa. Inactive tracks utilize no CPU or disk access; they are completely disabled. This option cannot be changed while Mixbus is playing.
  • Remove


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