• Start/Stop
  • Play >
    • Play Selection
    • Play w/Preroll
    • Start/Continue/Stop
    • Play from Edit Point and Return
    • Play Loop Range
  • Start Recording
  • Stop and Forget Capture: this stops the current recording, and permanently deletes any audio files that were recorded in the current pass. This cannot be undone.
  • Enable Record
  • Record w/Preroll: see here for more details
  • Set Loop from Selection
  • Set Punch from Selection
  • Set Session Start/End from Selection
  • Forward
  • Rewind
  • Transition To Roll
  • Transition To Reverse
  • Playhead >
    • Playhead to Mouse
    • Playhead to Active Mark
    • Center Playhead
    • Nudge Playhead Forward
    • Nudge Playhead Backward
    • Move to Next Transient
    • Move to Previous Transient
    • Playhead to Next Grid
    • Playhead to Previous Grid
    • Playhead to Next Region Boundary
    • Playhead to Previous Region Boundary
    • Playhead to Next Region Boundary (No Track Selection)
    • Playhead to Previous Region Boundary (No Track Selection)
    • Playhead to Next Region Sync
    • Playhead to Previous Region Sync
    • Jump to Next Mark
    • Jump to Previous Mark
    • Goto Zero
    • Goto Start
    • Goto End
    • Goto Wall Clock
  • Active Mark >
    • To Next Region Boundary
    • To Previous Boundary
    • To Next Region Sync
    • To Previous Region Sync
  • Markers >
    • Add Mark from Playhead
    • Remove Mark at Playhead
    • Toggle Mark at Playhead
    • Locate to Mark 1
    • Locate to Mark 2
    • Locate to Mark 3
    • Locate to Mark 4
    • Locate to Mark 5
    • Locate to Mark 6
    • Locate to Mark 7
    • Locate to Mark 8
    • Locate to Mark 9
    • Set Session Start from Playhead
    • Set Session End from Playhead
  • Time Master: (for JACK sync only) : when this is enabled, Mixbus will serve as master to report the Bar|Beat|Tick information to the JACK clock
  • Punch In/Out
  • Punch In
  • Punch Out
  • Auto Input : Learn more in the Monitoring section.
  • Follow Range : Learn more in the transport section.
  • Auto Play : The transport will automatically play whenever you locate the playhead to a new position.
  • Auto Return: Returns playhead to last starting position, when the transport is stopped.
  • Click: Toggles the Click (Metronome) sound on & off.
  • Follow Playhead : The edit window will scroll to follow the playhead when the playhead reaches the edge of the editing canvas.
  • Stationary Playhead : If enabled, AND Follow Playhead is enabled, then the timeline will scroll behind the playhead. This requires significant CPU and disk resources, so it is not recommended for large sessions.
  • Panic: Sends MIDI note off to all channels. Details here


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