What is a VCA Strip?

A VCA, or VCA Master, is similar to an input strip; it has a fader, mute and solo button; but it does not pass audio itself. Instead, it controls the value of the mute, solo and fader of the channels that are “attached” to it.

Watch this video to learn more about Mixbus’s VCA implementation:

In the screenshot below, 4 VCA masters are visible on the right side of the mixer:

Mixbus allows a channel to be attached to “unlimited” VCA masters. You can add VCA masters in the “Track->Add Track/Bus” dialog from the main menu.

Creating a VCA Master

To create a VCA master, select Track -> Add Track,Bus or VCA -> VCA Masters:

Assigning a track to a VCA Master:

To assign a track to a VCA master, click on the “VCA” button at the bottom of the Channel or Mixbus strip, and click the boxes of the the VCA you wish to assign to control the strip.

After VCAs are assigned, you will notice that the “VCA” button is replaced with indicators showing which VCAs are assigned to control this strip:

Alternately, in the editor window select the tracks, and then right-click in the “Group Bar” on the left side, and choose “Assign selected channels to VCA->”

VCA Strip Operation:

The “Spill” button, when activated, will hide all channels that are NOT attached to the VCA Master. If you have a group of channels assigned to a VCA master, this is a very quick way to display those channels in the main mixer area. Only one “Spill” ( either VCA or Mixbus ) can be active at one time.

The Mute button will mute ALL channels and buses that are controlled by this VCA.

The Solo button will provide a solo which is the pre-fader sum of all channels and buses that are controlled by this VCA.

The VCA name displayed is the name you entered when creating and adding the VCA.

Fader Automation mode button. This control only affects the VCA’s fader. Select between

  • Manual
  • Play
  • Write
  • Touch
  • Latch

The VCA Control button always displays the VCA number. Right-clicking on the button provides these features:

  • Rename
  • Color
  • Assign Selected Channels
  • Drop All Slaves
  • Remove

The VCA control button always displays the VCA number.


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Joseph DeRosa wrote: Jul 21, 2020

It would be helpful for you to provide a comparison between VCAs and busses. They appear to be very similar. Maybe include groups, as that function may also seem redundant to those new to recording.