XT-BC Bass Character is an effect intended for acoustic and electric bass instruments.

The Bass Character operates by detecting each musical note when it is played, and then applying an eq to make the note sound fuller and brighter (or weaker and duller, if needed).

You can use the Bass Character plugin to solve a problem like: an electric bass with too much fundamental and little harmonic content; or a bass amp that doesn’t provide enough fundamental for the played notes on a 5-string bass.

Best when used on: Monophonic Bass instruments.

Scale + Spectrum Display:

The Bass Character plugin operates like an EQ, but with one difference: the EQ isn’t set at fixed frequencies, but rather the eq is applied to each detected note.

The red “spectrum” curve shows the harmonic content of the detected note. The leftmost line indicates the “fundamental” or first harmonic of the note. Each vertical line to the right indicates an additional harmonic (2nd harmonic, 3rd, etc). You can use this graph to determine the balance of an instrument: whether it has too much or too little fundamental, for example.


The Bass Character plugin has 2 EQ bands: “Body” and “Clarity”. These bands are identical except that the “Body” control is a low-shelving EQ by default, while the “Clarity” band is a high-shelf EQ.

In/Out switch: The green toggle switch enables/disables each band.

Peaking switch: The yellow toggle switch changes the band to a peaking.

Q slider: when the Peaking switch is engaged, the Q slider engages, and adjusts the Q ( sharpness ) of the band’s filter.

Momentary Bypass: the top-right corner is a momentary-bypass button. Press this button to temporarily bypass the effect. Releasing the button will re-apply the effect.


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