Harrison’s XT-EQ Equalizer is a cost-effective, smaller version of the XT-ME Mastering EQ for tracks and final mixes.

The XT-EQ has 10 bands of equalization. The filters provide a “flat top” response, meaning: if you boost 2 adjacent bands, the gain between the bands will be consistent. (unlike a traditional graphic eq, where 2 adjacent filters will create a camel-hump)

Each band has approximately 1 octave bandwidth. This makes the XT-EQ a very fast tool for focusing instruments on their representative frequency ranges, and reducing (but not completely filtering) the range outside their focus. The XT-EQ is an excellent mixing tool.

To adjust the eq, simply click anywhere and drag to “draw” the desired EQ curve. Because of the broad and even pass-band between bands, “what you see is what you get”.

It is possible to adjust a single band (like a graphic eq) by clicking in the band and draggin up/down. Or point your mouse at a single band and use the mouse-wheel to adjust only that band.

Hold “Shift” and drag across the EQ to reset the bands to 0dB.

Trim: This is a clean volume control that adjusts the output level. If you use a lot of EQ “cuts” then you may need to increase this to match the level. And vice versa.

Momentary Bypass: Click and hold this button to momentarily defeat the EQ. It is a good idea to use the Trim control to adjust the volume of the EQ’d signal so you can compare the effect of the EQ, and not just the level difference caused by the EQ.


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